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Alive After The Fall

Alive After The Fall: The Ultimate Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Survival

Alive After The Fall

Introducing Alive After The Fall 3.0: Your Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Unthinkable

Alive After The Fall 3.0 is a comprehensive eBook designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to not only survive but thrive in the face of disaster. Accessible on your computer or smartphone, and printable for offline use, this eBook offers valuable tips and tricks to safeguard yourself and your loved ones during times of crisis.

Some of the essential skills you will learn from this guide include preparing and preserving food without the use of electricity or gas, as well as practical methods for protecting your electronic gadgets by creating your own Faraday cage. Furthermore, this eBook will guide you on identifying safe hiding spots during chemical radiation exposure and defending against hostile individuals during a pandemic.

With the ever-present threat of a world without electricity, it’s crucial to be prepared and self-reliant rather than solely depending on government agencies. In the video presentation accompanying this eBook, the author asserts that anyone who follows the steps outlined in Alive After The Fall 3.0 will be well-equipped to withstand the challenges of an apocalyptic event.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

Alive After The Fall 3.0 covers a wide range of survival strategies for various catastrophic scenarios, including:

EMP Attack:

Alex teaches you how to prepare your Faraday cage and protect your electronic devices in this section. He also discusses the five most critical electronic devices you need after an EMP attack.

This section fully explores surviving an EMP attack. You will also learn how to cook food without gas or electricity.

Nuclear Attack:

During the nuclear attack, there will be chemical waves everywhere, creating deadly diseases. While you can’t fight these waves physically, you can hide in those places where waves can’t reach you. This is what you will learn in this section.

This section also discusses the electronic devices you need to protect yourself and your family.

Chemical Attack:

In a chemical attack, many chemicals are released into the air to harm the public. In such an attack, you have minimal time and resources to protect yourself and your family. This survival section on chemical attacks is why it is essential to learn. You will learn how to respond to different events before, during, and after the chemical attack.

You will also learn how to get rid of surface chemicals.

Medication, Home, and Nutrition:

You and your family will need food and medicines to survive an emergency. However, the problem is that our modern lifestyle has made us rely too much on electricity. It will become tough to survive without electricity, but you must keep your house running.

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“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

(Matthew 24:21)

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