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Bulletproof Home: A Survival Guide

Bulletproof Home

Know What to Do During a Time of Crisis and Social Unrest

   This book serves as a comprehensive home defense program guide that promises to teach you innovative techniques that will help you to protect your home and family against intruders. The program’s information elaborates on a wealth of experience gained by an army veteran while traveling war-hit territories and talking with experienced preppers. The program creator claims that all the knowledge and techniques shared are tried and tested in the most severe circumstances and with great success. 

   This comprehensive home defense strategy guide will present you with anything you require to know for the complete defense of your home. Every single step is explained. Also, there is clarity and conciseness in how it tells what exactly to do for you to realize success.

   Upon the description of every tip and strategy, the program offers you as the reader an explanation as to why you should follow the advice presented. Also, the meaning it has in your home defense is explained.

   The program creator wants all his readers to be fully prepared in an emergency. Therefore, you will also receive another book when you get this product. This will tell you how to administer emergency medication if something occurs to you or another person and no doctors are presently available in the area to offer help. In addition, you are presented with an exceptional preparation and home defense guide designed mainly for people in their 60s and beyond.

   Special bonuses for using this product: If you try the “Bulletproof Home Defense” program today … you’re also getting four special reports essential for survival during a social and economic breakdown.

   Avoid making fatal mistakes in a crisis, learn why conventional prepper wisdom is deadly, and learn some valuable prepper life lessons. To learn more, go to the Bulletproof Home website.

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